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It’s hard to resist the temptation of fast food when just with a simple click of a button you can have that cheesy delicious meal delivered right to your door. So it make sense that the consumption of fast food in Australia has increased. Now over half the population prefers fast food over cooking at home.

But are they healthy?

Fast foods are rich with saturated fat, salt and sugar. Basically everything to do with flavour but there also some of the highest calorie containing foods on the planet.

These are the ways fast food can negatively affect your body:

1. Digestive System:

Fast food is loaded with carbohydrates. When your digestive system breaks down these foods, the carbohydrates are released as glucose in the bloodstream. Which increases sugar in your bloodand any excess sugar your body doesnt need will be stored straight into your fat cells which is then much harder to access and broken down.

2. Heart:

Fast food or excessively overeating can lead to obesity. To move your body and be active your body needs a certain amount of energy (calories). And more blood is needed to help with strenuous activities like picking up something heavy, which puts more pressure to your heart.
This can lead to cardiovascular problems as fat within the body increase your cholesterol.

3. Respiratory System:

Fast food is hard to accuratly manage your calorie intake, which increases the chance of obesity if left eating more calories than your body can take in, allowing the spill over to increase fat and artery stress. This all leads to problems in your respiratory system.

So it makes sense it could increases the chances of Asthma and shortness of breath

On the other hand, you have total control over  what goes into your home-cooked meals, less carbohydrates, less fat and sugar and you can pick which micronutrients go into it so if you are low on a certain nutrient you can make sure to top it up like fiber, calcium, and iron.

4. Central Nervous System:

Studies has shown that people who eat fast food on a regular basis have higher chances of developing depression. Moreover, eating in depression is a common problem in adults, which can lead to more problems.

These are the 6 great reasons why you should cook at home and not order from any fast food restaurant:

1 Nutritious:

Most take-away foods and restaurants encourage a less nutritious choice. While if you choose to cook at home, you control the nutrition contents in the food and gain the knowledge for new flavours.
Rather than frying the food, you can steam or grill it. It helps to retain most of its nutritious contents. The more something is cook the more nutrients you are missing out on.

2. Easier to Avoid Food Allergies

Many people have allergies from certain ingredients of the food. The most common ones are allergies from nuts, gluten and selfish.
When you are cooking for yourself, you have more control over the ingredients. It helps to avoid allergens and keeps you away from the emergency room.

3. Fresh and Higher Quality Ingredients:

For the take-away and sit-and-dine restaurants, it is common in their practice to use frozen ingredients. Or at least are less likely to be fresh. And frozen foods are less in nutritious contents.
When you cook at home, you can make sure the ingredients are fresh and of high quality.

And since you have that control over the ingredients, you can choose to remove all the non-healthy and fatty ingredients so your body can be running at a more efficient state.

4. Appropriate portions:

According to the, across the globe, one third of the human-consumption food gets lost or wasted each year.
In Australian alone 2.5 million tons of edibles are wasted every year. That is about 300 kg per person!

According to WHO Nutrition, this is the main cause of death and disease in the world. Around 1.9 billion adults are obese, while 462 million are underweight.

Imagine the level of your contribution when you are not wasting food. You can just cook the right amount of food that you can consume with no wastage.

But it is difficult to control the amount of food both in a fast-food and fine-dine restaurant.

5. Light on the wallet:

Can you guess how much fast food restaurants are charging as compared to the cost price?
More than 100% of the cost price. That means if you were to cook the same food at your home, it could cost you half or less than half the total takeaway price.

Basically, a healthy food means saving money!

6. Healthier for the Environment:

When you order a burger from a fast food restaurant, they cook the food on a custom-made stove. Which is especially designed to cook more food in less amount of time. And to take away that food, they pack it in a non-disposable container.

That custom-made stove emits more greenhouse gas than our common household stove.

So, cooking at home is not only healthy for you, it’s even healthy for the environment.

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