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When trying to lose weight, one of the hardest decisions you will make is choosing which type of diet to take. It is only natural for you to have second thoughts on choosing the ideal diet as most people are not familiar with the different types. Also, many people are reluctant because dieting is considered a fad. It is always recommended to know the different types of diets available. In this blog, you will get an idea of the many different types of diet plans and how much effort you will have to make to actually lose weight.

Anyone who gains weight wants to lose it, but sometimes it can only be done by sticking to a specific plan. Planning your eating habits is important to lose weight and get in shape. You have to decide what to eat and what not to eat. There are many diet plans, but for any certain person, only one of them can work. According to the opinion of the medical expert, here are some types of famous diets and their characteristics.

How to lose fat?

This is a million-dollar question, right? This is the most frequently asked question, but there is a simple answer to this particular question, namely eating the right things in the right amounts. When you take the wrong type of calories in every meal, you are bound to get the wrong effect from it. Inadequate knowledge of what is right in the context of food can lead to putting on weight rather than losing it.
Therefore, you should always delve into more details to know the nutritional value of your food or contact me for a specialized program. Below are some diet plans that work differently to achieve the same function of weight loss.

Types Of Diets:

1. Atkins Diet:

The basic idea behind this diet plan is that your body uses carbohydrates for an energy source but if you cut down on carbohydrate supply it will start using protein and fat. The best thing about this diet is that you do not have to give up all your favourite foods.

It focuses more on protein and healthy fats. In this diet plan, you can actually eat unlimited amounts of protein. You can eat as much egg and lean meat as you want as long as you do not consume any carbohydrates. Followers of the Atkins Diet believe that too much carbohydrates are not good for the body because they can cause insulin to become less effective in the body and cause the body to lack energy. Also, since there are no carbohydrates converting into energy, the body will have to find another source and this is where it can be seen that stored fats could be utilized as energy.

2. Zone Diet:

The Zone Diet was developed by Dr. Barry Sears more than 30 years ago to reduce diet-induced inflammation. This diet is also popular because it also includes low carbohydrate intake. Like the Atkins diet, it includes foods that are rich in protein and fat but are very low in carbohydrates and sugar. A person who is using this diet plan can generally split there meal into 30% protein and this could include egg whites, fish, poultry, lean beef or low-fat dairy, 40% carbs, and 30% fats this could include olive oil, avocado, or almonds. They should try avoiding Fruits and vegetables that are high in sugar (e.g., bananas, raisins) or starchy (e.g., potatoes, corn). The main benefit of this diet plan is that it is very effective at losing weight but still includes a balanced diet. If you are in the Zone, you have optimized your ability to control diet-induced inflammation. This inflammation is the reason you gain weight, become sick, and age faster.

The last to be discussed is the detox diet. Fasting is included in this diet. Dieticians may prefer to either go on liquid fasting or go on fruit and vegetable fasting. Fruit and vegetable fasting is more popular because it does not involve carelessness of solid food. It is recommended that the fruit should go on a short liquid fast after fasting to truly detoxify the body. Detoxification helps the body to get rid of toxins accumulated in the bloodstream.

3. High Fiber Diet:

Fibre is found in plant foods like vegetables, fruit, wholegrain foods, legumes, nuts and seeds. Also, because high fiber foods are filling they may make it easier to stay at a healthy weight. The decent thing about this diet is it can decrease the risks of colon cancer, lower risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and improves the function of your digestion. The recommended fiber intake for women to eat is around 25g per day and for men, it’s 30g per day. To get enough fiber every day, Cancer Council Australia recommends that you should try to eat at least 4 servings of wholegrain or wholemeal foods every day (or ensure about half of your daily serves of bread’s and cereals are wholegrains or wholemeal varieties), Also

  • At least 2 serves of fruit daily.
  • Wholefoods rather than dietary fibre supplements as the benefits of fibre from food may be from the combination of nutrients in food working together.
  • At least 5 serves of vegetables daily including legumes (also known as ‘pulses’).

A serve of wholegrain or wholemeal foods is equal to:

  • 1/4 cup of untoasted muesli.
  • 1 slice of wholegrain bread or 1/2 a medium wholemeal bread roll.
  • 1/2 a cup of cooked brown rice, pasta, noodles, or cooked porridge.
  • 2/3 cups of wholegrain breakfast cereal.

4. Detox Diet:

Most plans suggest that you restrict your calorie intake significantly and many propose that you consume only juices or smoothies. Types of fasting can also be included in this diet. Dieticians prefer to either go on a liquid fast or on a fruit and vegetable type fast. Fruit and vegetable fasting is more popular because it does not involve carelessness of solid foods. It is recommended to go on a short fruit liquid fast to truly detoxify the body. Detoxification helps the body to get rid of toxins accumulated in the bloodstream.

5. The Medifast Diet Plan:

The Medifast diet is a low-fat, low-calorie weight loss plan based upon the consumption of specific foods and beverages developed and sold by the Medifast company. The Medifast Diet meals include shakes, bars, scrambled eggs, and different flavors of oatmeal, pudding, and soup. For the meal you prepare yourself, dubbed the “Lean & Green” meal, you can have a lean source of protein plus three servings of certain vegetables. The plan is about eating five or six small meals several times daily, rather than three large meals. The plan includes eating vegetables and fruits, soups and chilies, cakes, and desserts. Most vegetarians prefer this diet and do not eat any meat, but for non-vegetarians, you can eat 5-7 ounces of lean meat per day.

6. South Beach Diet Plan:

This plan is suitable for those who like to eat and lose a lot of weight in the process. This diet is the difference between waste and useful carbohydrates. The diet claims not to be a traditional low-carb diet. Instead, it focuses on selecting the right carbohydrates. It recommends avoiding certain carbohydrates, based on their glycemic index (GI) score.

These include whole grains, specific fruits and vegetables, appropriate fats, such as olive oil, and lean protein sources.

7. Water diet:

It is not really a diet, but a plan. Water can work magic in your fight to lose weight, it helps in losing fat and toxins from your body. It can help you get fit and healthy by keeping all cells hydrated and functioning properly. Just remember that quantity matters, the more water you drink, the less food you will eat. Two to three liters (8-12 glasses) of water per day will do the trick.

These are the basic types of diet used by people to promote weight loss. You can always adopt one of them but you should understand that there are some side effects associated with all types of diets that should be considered ahead of time.


But any good diet plan should be flexible so that your health is not adversely affected. The diet plan you choose should be appropriate for your body, motivates you to stay strong until you achieve your weight loss goal and provides you with variety to ensure that adequate nutrients and minerals are available to keep your body healthy.
The plan you choose should not take you away from food, which can lead to a number of eating disorders. You should not choose a plan that works for your friends or family members because each person is different and their body has different make-up and needs, such as’ If it works for me, it will work for you ‘diet plan. Therefore, there are many diet plans in the market for your selection. So, choose wisely.

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