Weight Loss Blueprint E-Book



Unsure about if my services are a good match for you and your lifestyle?

Well this program is the perfect start to build credibility as it has everything to get you started.

Why BluePrint?

While being in the fitness industry for more than half my life along with working in the construction industry building homes and destroying buildings for over 13 years, I love to compare the simple terminology of how your house is made to the same way your physique and health are created. My passion for fitness and health was so strong that not even a fulltime job would be a good enough excuse to stop me from training every day. I did, however, learn that training alone wasn’t going to make the changes I was hoping for, without a well-balanced diet I wouldn’t have the energy or enjoyment to get through the day let alone train till the late hours after work. I believe there needs to also be balanced between your diet and your lifestyle. That’s exactly why the recipes in this book will blow you away by how simple and delicious reaching your goal could be.

Everything is done for you, from a 2000 calorie diet to a very effective home workout program and plenty of tips in between. Check out everything I have specifically put in this book to make it worth every cent:

  • Learn about Calories
  • Calculate your daily requirements
  • 20 delicious recipes you probably thought were “bad” for you
  • Breakfast, morning break, lunch, and dinner – all the combos for a long day at work
  • Each meal is rated out of 5 stars, so your results are completely up to you.
  • Ingredients list for each recipe with proper amounts per serving
  • Simple Cooking instructions for you to make bulk meals
  • 6-day workout split you can easily do at home with no equipment.

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